Draft Review Podcasts





The links above are to the first two parts of the Draft Review podcast, done by Iwan and I.  I say “first two” parts in anticipation of a third podcast: we’ll see if that ever comes to fruition with everyone out of town for the weekend.  The first part covers a quick recap of best weekend ever (including commentary on The Expendables 2) as well as a discussion of holdovers.  It lasts about 32 minutes.  The second podcast is over an hour, covering a breakdown of all the teams from worst to best according to the Commish Rankings.  Problem is, technical trouble struck as we were discussing the number 2 team, where we were cut off and it got too late to keep going.  So, for the number 2 team, there is about a minute of commentary, and then we’re done.  The number one team in our (my) ranks?  Not a word.  Tough to be at the top I suppose.  Anyway, I figure I’d post what we got before I take off for the weekend.  Enjoy!



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