Commish Notes Week 9 (Brief Updated Power Rankings)

Though I’m stuck in Florida this week I’ve escaped the in-laws long enough to throw up some quick power rankings.  We are done with 9 weeks of play, and as or right now, no team is either confirmed for the playoffs or completely out of the playoffs.  Any team here could still make or miss the playoffs, a crazy concept with just 4 games left in the regular season.  All that will change after this week, or course, as some teams are likely to get in (by getting to seven wins) and some teams are likely to get out (getting to eight losses).  Also at this point I still think it’s mathematically possible to not make the playoffs with seven wins (though I haven’t done that math), but remains unlikely.  Let’s look at the Power Rankings.


Last Week’s Ranks:

1)Mitchell’s Marauders

2)Crazy Canucks

3)The Gang

4)The Rat Pack

5)Los Pescaderos

6)LT’s Crackheeds

7)Mormon Defenders

8)Fightin’ Birdmen

9)The Brown Trout

10)The GBP

I decided to switch the Canucks with the Marauders this week because the Marauders are on a two game losing streak, have dropped three of their last four, and haven’t been over 110 points in over four weeks.  The Canucks meanwhile have Aaron Rodgers, who alone is basically good enough to win the league.  Welcome back to the top spot, Canucks – looks like everybody believes in you again.

The Gang retain the third spot despite lots of question marks at WR in recent weeks.  Other than that they remain rock solid with Brady and an outstanding running game as well as the Green Bay defense.  They should cruise into the playoffs and potentially do some damage.  The Crackheeds take over the fourth spot as they are currently the hottest team in the league putting up four straight wins and coming off their best performance of the year this week even without Adrian Peterson.  They’ve only been under 100 points once this season and have been oddly consistent as a team despite up and down individuals.

Los Pescaderos and The Rat Pack remain almost interchangeable to me.  I give the nod to the Rat Pack because of a few more points and the extra win (though they’ve played the easiest schedule in the league) and I still like the explosiveness of their roster – multiple players there have blow-up potential.  Los Pescaderos are scary when the Texans play well, or against a horrible opponent, but they might be stopped in their tracks if the Texans have an off week; the upcoming schedule should prove interesting there.  The health of Javhid Best will be something to watch in coming weeks.

The Defenders have stalled a bit but remain in a workable position, and it’s good to see a Redskin back on the roster.  The Brown Trout eked out a close win over the Gang and still could get it together in time, they leapfrog the Birdmen this week and get back to the 8th spot – almost back to their post-draft spot of number one.

The Birdmen have been fighting injuries all year and these missed McFadden weeks are adding up.  Things looked promising for them a few weeks ago but four straight losses have all but closed the door on their 2011 campaign.  And what can be said about the GBP?  The schedule gods have been downright vengeful to them, and with Rivers struggling, and injuries, it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Jonny G’s boys this season.

Updated Ranks:

1)Crazy Canucks (6-3)

2)Mitchell’s Marauders (6-3)

3)The Gang (5-4)

4)LT’s Crackheeds (6-3)

5)The Rat Pack (6-3)

6)Los Pescaderos (5-4)

7)Mormon Defenders (4-5)

8)The Brown Trout (3-6)

9)Fightin’ Birdmen (2-7)

10)The GBP (2-7)


That’s it.  Commish Notes (in some form) will be back next week, including updated player awards from this week and next.  Anyone have a favorite so far from the Costacos Brothers Collection?  I’d be curious to see which one people thought was the best.




One response to “Commish Notes Week 9 (Brief Updated Power Rankings)

  • Adam Spragg

    This has been a particularly frustrating season for the ‘men. I feel like I have a decent team, but injuries and under performance has really disappointed me.

    Oh well.

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