Shame Spirals, the MLOM Podcast – Week 5 – The BOBcast!

Alright League,

Tragedy struck this week as we recorded – and then lost – an entire 120 minute (and then 16 minute follow up) podast featuring Team Fwob, with both Fwats and Bob.  Due to a combination of my negligence and the recording software I use being D-U-M-B DUMB, it is all essentially gone forever.  Even the final 16 minutes, which I thought I had saved properly, turned out to be broke-dick and I have no idea how to get any of it back.  The original 1:20:00 is lost forever.  The Final 16 looks to be in the same boat.  A shame.  A shame I say!  Yes, the Shame Spirals podcast has featured its first technical shame spiral.  Hopefully there will be no more. I weep for our loss.

We did, however, salvage something.  More than something hopefully.  We lost Fwats (who was unavailable for the re-record) yes, but we managed to get back on the horse with Bob and Bob and I hammered out a good 1:35:00 plus podcast which I’m now calling the Bob-cast.  Part memory to the Fwobcast, part new podcast all its own, and all Bob.   It may not be the original, but it’s good, good enough to stand on its own in my opinion.


I give you, the Bobcast, the week 5 Shame Spirals MLOM the Podcast featuring myself and Bob:









5 responses to “Shame Spirals, the MLOM Podcast – Week 5 – The BOBcast!

  • baditude

    Well done guys. Very enjoyable. You guys really took advantage of Iwan’s abscence and slammed the hell out of him. Great BB material for that guy.

    Im sorry we missed out on the crows.

    One thing that went unmentioned was the outcome of last weeks games and how they effected the division rivalry..

  • Commish

    Whoa, whoa. I didn’t slam Iwan, Bob did. I did play the role of set-up man, however, because I knew how much Iwan bashing he did in the original Lost Fwobcast (Tm, 2011). Although overall I’m a little bummed that Bob dialed his trash talk way back for this edition, he did manage to get some digs in.

    In regards to the interdivision stuff, that’ll be handled to some extent in the notes.


  • Adam Spragg

    Just wanted to respond to a couple points…

    Peyton Manning — yeah, it’s still on my bench, but whatever… it’s never really been an issue since I always have some other chump that I can afford to drop. Until this week, that is, when I almost dropped him. We’ll see.

    Overspending — this week, I’m guilty as charged. I just really needed to pick up players this week. I’m sure I didn’t see that Joseph Addai was injured, though, until this morning. Note that there IS NOT a little red letter next to him name, and since I was picking up so many players in bulk, I didn’t notice the “small print”. Shame on me, but there really should be a “D” or “O” next to his name. I blame the system.

    Also, (and I’m not particularly proud of this), but I have 24 moves for $75 bucks, so about $3 per move. So, price per move, that’s actually less than most people in the league.

  • Gabe

    Turkey Vulture,

    Spending $25 on two players and then dropping them 3 days later before having them on your roster for a single game is bad management. Don’t blame the system, blame the man in the mirror.

    Coming from the guy who spent $75 on Brandon Jackson means that this evaluation is even more spot on.

  • Adman

    You’re right.

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