Shame Spirals – The MLOM Podcast – Week 3


(Running Time: Approx. 1 hour, 35 minutes)

It took a little longer, bu the MLOM week 3 podcast is in the books and available via the link above (again, a right click can lead to saving the mp3 on the computer, or a left click will open a separate window which will play the file in quicktime as default).  Our special guest this week?  Eron.  Defending Champ and manager of the infamous Rat Pack.   Things will probably sound a bit different this week.  Eryn and I were speaking on a Google Hang Out after a Skype failure.  Iwan was calling in to my landline and I had that phone on speaker next to my computer and we recorded the entire hodge podge.  In listening to it briefly before posting here, it actually sounds OK, albeit a bit different than in previous weeks.

The official name for this podcast is now “Shame Spirals – The MLOM Podcast”.  Because of the new official name, we actually wanted Little Buhr as the guest this week (as the 0-3, clearly most shame spirally manager in the league), but the timing didn’t work out.  Luckily, Eron was able to step up and we hammered out a pretty solid podcast in my opinion.  There were a few minor technical issues (such as losing Eron for a few minutes near the end), but overall it works fine.

As always, these remain a ton of fun to do.  Hopefully they are enjoyable to listen to as well.  I look forward to doing them each week and hearing what the newest guest has to say.  Comments welcome.  Commish Notes to follow soon.



4 responses to “Shame Spirals – The MLOM Podcast – Week 3

  • baditude

    good times! I apologize for all the sniffles as I’m coming off a lil cold.

  • Fwats

    I listened to the whole thing BARTing back home, draining my phone battery to its last breath in the process. Great stuff all around. Podcasts are rapidly becoming the analysees format to beat!

    I want in on the guest business. Maybe a Fwab appearance for Week 4?

  • discostup

    All are welcome for the podcast. I think we have Little Buhr lined up for Week 4, but after that we’d be happy to host the Fwab. Do we host just Fwats and then later just Bob? On different weeks? Or both together? These are difficult decisions.

  • Gabe

    Fwab should definitely host together – they are “connected” after all (where they are connected depends on the orifice of choice I guess)

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