MLOM Week 2 Podcast


Last week’s podcast seemed quite popular (number 4 on iTunes!),  so I hope you enjoy this week’s version as well.  So much for “tightening it up a bit” as this baby has a very healthy running time of 1:35:47.   Our very own Adman the Birdman is the guest this week.

The Format:

-Brief Intro

-Game Reviews of Week 2 with Team Commentary (the bulk of the podcast)

-Waiver Wire and Trade analysis

-Question and answer with Adman and his history with MLOM (hopefully not a slog)

-Week 3 Look Ahead with votes on the games

On the technical side, if you right click the link and hit “Save Link As” you can save the file as an mp3 on your computer, and then scoot that over to iTunes or the mp3 player of your choice.  You can also click the link, and then right click on the quicktime player that comes up in your browser and do the same thing (save the file to the computer).   Just comment or email if you have questions/problems.

We’ve also gone a little higher tech in our production.  I bought a new microphone and some audio software to potentially do a little post-production.  For this week, I just want to get the podcast posted, so I haven’t done any of that stuff, but look forward to playing with those features and dabbling a bit in the future.

Still looking for a name of the podcast, but I’m leaning toward “Shame Spirals – the MLOM podcast”.  The shame spirals theme was suggested by Bob, so props there.  We’ll see how it continues to evolve.  It certainly has been a blast to make each week.



9 responses to “MLOM Week 2 Podcast

  • baditude

    “Apology accepted” hillarious. great work boys!

  • Adman

    Yeah, I didn’t realize that little gaff has turned into a “thing”, I guess? Has everyone been snickering behind my back for the last however many years? I admit it took me a little off guard last night, so I was a little flustered in my response.

    Like I said, I don’t apologize for my level of interest in NFL football as a whole. But trying to butt in and take over everyone else having fun… that’s no good. I’m truly sorry about that.

  • discostup

    “Has everyone been snickering behind my back for the last however many years? ”

    The “slog” thing is actually brought up more by far, but the combination of using the slog term at least twice in addition to the “tired of talking about football” comment sort of created the whole running gag of “Adam hates FF, Adam hates the draft”, etc. All in all, it’s just one of many amusements we share here in MLOM regarding all the personalities of all the managers.

  • Adman

    Gotcha. Fair enough.

  • normhamson

    Apology Accepted stole the show…

    I also had no idea of the intimate details of Gabe’s, um, ‘fishing’ prowess. That’s what we should be looking for in a guest, someone who can bring some inside knowledge.

  • Adam Spragg

    “Apology accepted” was good.

    The awkwardness of Mike kind of playing along while not really getting the “Japanese flag” reference was good.

    “So is Gabe” was good.

    I just listened to our predictions again:

    Mike picked each game perfectly, in spite of saying that McFadden had a “terrible” matchup against the Jets and thought he’d have an awful day.

    Iwan picked GBP over Birdmen, betting that Rivers would have “300 yards and 3 TDs”. Otherwise was perfect.

    I picked Eryn for his sweet picture (missed that), and Brown Trout over Fwats (big mistake).

    This is all presuming a Crackheeds win over the Defenders, which looks likely but not totally out of reach. I’m jinxing someone for sure, but I just don’t know who…

  • Fwats

    Damn, good stuff from all three podcasters this week.

    I was away for the weekend and missed Gabe’s new “scorched earth” policy in regards to spreading trash talk evenly across every game, but the podcast relived it nicely. It appears Japanese flags were posted early and often.

    The mysteries surrounding how the Marauder’s war room works will continue to befuddle those who try to peer through the Schlitz-soaked haze for a glimpse of what happens within. That is, I expect the thinly veiled (or in this case completely disrobed) homoerotic trash talk to continue throughout the season.

  • Gabe

    Well I was finally able to listen to this podcast on a cd, unfortunately the total run time on the cd was 80 minutes, so I missed the last 10 – 15 minutes or so. Anyway, good times all around (at least for what I heard).

    Keep it up.

  • Gabe

    I just finished listening to the end of the podcast…Adman, we are not friends.

    I doubt I will be coming on the podcast as a guest host in order to ensure that I don’t ruffle any feathers…

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