MLOM inaugural podcast is here!

MLOM Inaugural Podcast

Iwan and I recorded the first EVER MLOM podcast last night and the URL is above. In terms of publishing the file I’ll try and figure that out in time. We had a blast doing it, hopefully it’s fun to listen to. The running time is about 1:18 minutes or so (!). (I mean it did feature Iwan.)

Official Commish Notes for the week are still in progress, look for them later today or tomorrow. And enjoy the podcast!

The Basic Format:
-Recap of Little Buhr in the Pink Jersey
-Recap of all week one games (with commentary on each team)
-A look ahead to week two games
-Iwan’s favorite MLOM memories


PS – Changed the look of the blog a bit, more on that later.


4 responses to “MLOM inaugural podcast is here!

  • baditude

    Rumpelstiltskin = best podcast ever. thanks for the hard work.

  • discostup

    I’m posting Adam’s comments from Googleplus here so others can see them.

    “Some comments and reactions:

    The Birdmen are a mess, it’s true.

    Regarding Indy… At the draft, I expected Peyton to be out for a week or two, and Eli to fill in. Drafting Garcon was a mistake, pure and simple. I’m not a fan of Eli, so I picked up two QBs who had top performances Week 1. Trust me, I’m going in with my eyes open and I realize they might be career games that may never be repeated, but I’ll take my chances. If Eli is a good QB, YOU draft him. He’s still available.

    Pitt defense? You score -4 points, you’re off my team. That my policy.

    What you guys didn’t mention, I don’t think, is that Norm’s Jets defense scored around 20 points in the last half of the 4th quarter. Seriously, I emailed Norm when his D had 2(!!!) points on the board. That was the game winner right there, as far as I’m concerned.

    Great podcast. Love the format.”

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Gabe


    Well done, if you could find a way to post the podcast so that I could download it to my Ipod that would be epic.

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