2011 Divisions Named!


In honor of current Champion Eron, I have decided to go with a British Themed Division War this year.  It was on the list I had mentioned previously, and I think it will play nicely into our ever-evolving inter-division conflict.

I give you, MI-6 vs. Enemies of the Crown.

Eryn’s division, of course, will be MI-6, in honor of his British heroism, charm, good locks, and skill in the bedroom.  Look for the five teams in that division to constantly be compared to Bond actors.  All hail the eventual Sean Connery and Daniel Craig teams, and likewise prepare to weep for the Timothy Dalton and (gulp) George Lazenby franchises.

In the other division look for Bond villains and henchmen to make frequent appearances, like THIS guy, who is awesome, because he’s Christopher Walken, among other things.

"It's a, uhh, view, to a, uh, killll."

Yes, I speak of Max Zorin, evil horse breeder from A View to Kill.  Do not fuck with him.

In terms of the actual war itself, here is where it stands.  The now-named Enemies of the Crown Division has been far superior over time, with a 96-68 win-loss record over the lesser now-named MI-6.  It would take years to turn this sort of dominance around.  I guess it has to be one season at a time, eh lesser division?  This is our seventh year of doing divisions, and the current MI-6 division has only won the season twice.

I have thought about some interesting ways to modify the divisions, for example relegating the top team of the MI-6 division into the Enemies division and kicking the lowest team of the Enemies division down, but I thought that too condescending.  I also would consider the idea of swapping the two worst teams in each division each year, just for kicks.   I haven’t made an official decision on any of that yet, but I am considering it.  Maybe I’ll put it to a vote.  Any thoughts?  Write them in the comments or just vote in the new poll.  I also like the idea of just keeping everything the same, for a historical perspective.

Folks, we’re less than twenty-four hours away from football.  And that is awesome.  Let the games begin.



2 responses to “2011 Divisions Named!

  • baditude

    Im sorta torn. If there is some sort of problem with divisions being out of balance than we should fix it. But in general I like the idea and the legacy of the divisions how they are. If we do change I’d rather make the change once and keep it as is rather than switch it around every year I think

  • Fwats

    Morning, Gov’na!!! I didn’t see this one coming, so it was a pleasant surprise indeed. I’d call this one of the more inspired choices in recent league history!

    As part of the proud MI-6 division, I’m gunning for the Timothy Dalton Bond, just so I can wear the hell out of this quote:

    “Compliments of Sharky.”

    (Bob can be Sharky, and I’ll make sure he doesn’t die)

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