Something Old, Something New?

As the season draws nearer it’s time to look at our current scoring settings and see if any tweaks should be made.  It seems that every year Yahoo releases a few new features in the scoring department, all seemingly with intriguing possibilities.  Personally, as both Commish and steward of the archives, I generally like to keep as much consistency as possible which allows for more successful season to season comparisons.  That said, one must remember that MLOM is also a dynamic league that is ever-evolving, like an all-pro working yet harder each year to make himself even better.   As such it’s worth looking at all new options, even if we make no changes.


Follow the link below to see the new possible scoring categories:



A summary of the new option highlights this year include bonuses for 40+ yard plays (passing, rushing, receiving) for both TD and non-TD plays, as well as potential extra penalties for QB picks-for-six. For defensive scoring, some additional possibilities include points based on yards allowed, fourth down stops, and 3 and outs.  Intriguing stuff to be sure.


As of right now, I’ve changed nothing and kept scoring exactly the same (viewable under the “Scoring & Settings” tab on the league home page), but I’m thinking about these things and at least considering some minor changes.  I tend to be a dictator when it comes to selecting the scoring settings because one can’t please everyone, but I like input from the league as well.  Anyone have any thoughts on these possible scoring options?



4 responses to “Something Old, Something New?

  • Adman

    Very interesting categories, and worth discussing.

    My first impression is to leave things as is…

  • Fwats

    I’d say, try one, of any, so we can see the variation. Don’t change too much at once???

    We’ve already got bonuses for offfensive yards–maybe a defensive bonus is in order to make that position more dimensional.

  • discostup

    Thanks for the comments. Here are my musings:

    1)For the 40 yard plays, I would consider a 1 point bonus. Not too much, but hey nice effing play.

    2)For the defensive stuff, similar low point additions. I would consider:

    -An additional negative 1 point if it’s a pick for six because those are devastating. Maybe negative 2 because you’re just killing your team. (Note: Do not draft Eli Manning if this scoring goes into effect.)

    -I think I would award no points for three and outs. Seems like that happens too much in a game. If I did, it’d be like 0.5 points or less per occurrence.

    -I do, however, like the idea of 4th down stuffs. In some cases it’s like a turnover. I’d think about a 1 or even 1.5 bonus in that situation.

    -For the yardage allowed, I feel like that’s another, more minor version of points allowed. I would use it mostly to penalize teams that give up a billion yards, to offset the gains in other areas (in an effort to keep total scoring similar).

    My thoughts. Nothing is official yet. I’ll wait until Iwan tells me what to do.


  • Iwan

    Here’s what we should do:

    Or just what I think 🙂

    For the long plays, I think no go since we have the 100-yd bonus, additional 40-yd bonuses leave the door open for a lot of bonus points coming down to just a yard here or there.

    I agree mostly with Mike, I could be on board with an additional minus point for the pick six,

    three and outs, just too often although there occurrence should be dropping league wide with JaMarcus and Delhomme no longer playing…

    Fourth down stops are intriguing, I agree that a point sounds good here. They don’t happen very often maybe one or two a game max and they seem split to me – half the time like a turnover, the other half not so much as they can fall into the long field goal, punt that could net 15 yards kind of thing. If you could isolate goal line stands, I’d be way into it, but I think a point sounds fun and about right (same as a sack).

    With regards to the defensive yardage, I was in a league once that had some of this it was just a mess, I say avoid almost at all costs with this caveat, we install a 100 point bonus if your DEF holds a team to less than 0 yards, that would be worth it, actually maybe a 1000 point bonus would be warranted if it happened.

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