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Something stinks in here….

With the lockout now over and the season fast approaching, your Commish has been working behind the scenes archiving old records, updating the website and planning on putting up a few posts that analyze previous seasons, celebrate recent achievements, and hopefully get everyone in the mood for this year’s dance.  2003 is now completely unarchived and thoroughly analyzed.  I’ve started writing a full piece about the season itself, which isn’t yet complete, but I couldn’t hold back from sharing some of the juiciest stuff I found in my examinations.

It turns out 2003 essentially rewrote the book on stink bomb games.   The regular season featured a record 19 stink bomb performances from the year, shattering the old record of 16 set in 2008.  Also, from week 1 to week 12 there was at least one stinkbomb every single week until week 13, the final game of the regular season, an impressive streak by any measure.   Take a look at the prior list of worst stinkbomb games, and the updated list:

The Old list:  (Team, points, season)

  1. Los Pescaderos, 40.51, 2008
  2. Birdmen, 41.56, 2008
  3.  Los Pescaderos 46.96, 2001
  4.  Brown Trout, 47.71, 2005
  5. LT’s Crackheeds, 48.01, 2008
  6. Rat Pack, 48.47, 2007

The New List:  (Team, points, season)

  1. Crazy Canucks, 38.23, 2003
  2. Birdmen, 39.45, 2003
  3. The GBP, 40.10, 2010
  4. Crazy Canucks, 40.34, 2003
  5. Los Pescaderos, 40.51, 2008
  6. Los Pescaderos, 40.67, 2003

Gabe should be thanking his lucky stars that the 2003 Canucks actually happened.  In fact Gabe’s legendary worst performance ever is no longer anything of the sort, now sitting at a relatively unimpressive 5th on the list.  When one thinks about what needs to happen for a full roster to drop a sub-40 point game, it’s really quite remarkable.

Gentlemen, the bar has been officially lowered.



Division Names


Lately I have been putting some thought into this year’s division names.  Here in the 13th season of MLOM, we now enter our eighth season featuring divisional play.  Believe it or not, division names are actually important as they can push me to do more or less with the Commish notes accordingly.  Here’s a quick recap of the previous division names:

-2004: Blue Knights/Red Knights

-2005: Ninjas/Samurai

-2006: Autobots/Decepticons

-2007: Galactic Empire/Rebel Alliance

-2008: GI Joe/Cobra

-2009: X-Men/Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

-2010: Aliens/Predators


As one can see the names started off rather generically and have proceeded into more childhood-driven science fiction territory.  And frankly, that’s fine territory as far as I’m concerned.  I feel like 2006 thru 2008 represents the golden age of the division names so far.  As the years go on, it will likely become harder to think up two clearly antagonist sides for proper division names, and I will have to get more creative.  I have already decided that the 15th (anniversary) season will feature a Lord of the Rings based theme for the divisions, probably the most obvious choice left in the tank.


The options I am currently considering rely on similar themes, with several options drawing heavily again from childhood fancy and science fiction/comic books.  There have been others tossed around as well in recent years which I bring back to the surface again; possibly they’ll “take” this time around.  And I have a couple of new ideas as well.


Here’s what I am currently considering:

Justice League of America/Legion of Doom (This one’s been talked about before.  It sets up nicely for what I try and do with the Commish notes, with superheroes being obvious metaphors for teams and heroes/villains being obvious foils for interdivision rivals.   The downside is my lack of DC knowledge base relative to Marvel, and would you really want your team being compared to Hawkman or Green Lantern?  Still, this one might have legs. )

Marvel vs. DC (More of the same, only it’s probably not fair.  The Crackheed’s division would surely be Marvel, and the bias in that direction would be off the chart.  Though looking at overall Crown patterns, it really is accurate, with the great teams of the would-be Marvel division reflecting the diversity of strong Marvel Heroes and Batman (Eryn) and some other half decent hero (I don’t know, Superman? I guess that would be Gabe’s 2000 Crown) carrying the rest of the dead weight (FYI: Little Buhr is Wonder Woman in this scenario.) 

X-Men vs. Avengers (Actually since we did X-men two years ago this one is unlikely to win.  I kind of wish I did this match-up originally instead, as I think it lines up better and the Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk) are more known than the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  Also, it’s important to incorporate The Hulk into anything I possibly can, and this allows me to do that.)

East Coast Rap/West Coast Rap (Tossed this one out before as well.  At first look I think West Coast has the clear advantage, at least in my head, though East Coast does sport Biggie, Puff Daddy, LL Cool J, and possibly the Beastie Boys could be counted?  I don’t know.  Seems decent, possibly fun, but doesn’t blow me away.)

Indiana Jones/James Bond (This one I thought of recently and I like the asymmetry.  Overall seems to balance out pretty well.  The Bond division players would be compared to the actors of course and Indiana Jones players would be the films, or something along those lines.  Bond and Jones villains alike would be fun to mess around with as well. )

Rock/Metal (I like this one a fair bit actually.  Generic and broad, but interesting possibilities.)

Other thoughts:



-Roman Gods/Greek Gods

-Thundercats/Masters of the Universe

-Warner Brothers/Hanna Barbara (not really an even match)

-Simpsons/South Park

And more.  As thoughts pop into my head, I’ll comment on them prior to deciding.  Comments, votes, and suggestions are all welcome.