Playoff Preview, Round 2

Playoff Preview – Round 2

Welcome to the Semi-Finals Round here in MLOM.  We’ve got just four teams left and just two weeks to go until we know who will win the vaunted Crown of Tin Foil and be declared Champion of the Universe of the Century….OF THE WEEK!

With the Gang and Birdmen bowing out in close games last week it’s down to the Canucks, Crackheeds, Pescaderos, and Rat Pack.  So far in the history of MLOM, there have been 11 Crown Winners.  And of those eleven Crowns, eight of them are owned by these four teams.  That tells this Commish that we’ve got an experienced group on our hands duking it out for the Title.

The Crackheeds look to grab their fourth Title and stay two ahead of the next best.  The Canucks and Rat Pack both eagerly seek to tie the Crackheeds at three franchise Titles, and Los Pescaderos dream of joining the other three teams in the Semi-Finals as the multi-Crown winners of the league.  From a historic perspective, it seems whoever wins will dramatically reshape the Hall of Champions.   And no matter what happens this week, our Title Game will feature an inter-divisional battle, a nice little extra to add the dramatic climax of the 2010 MLOM Season.

OK, only about an hour to go until Commish has to get ready for the Mon Mothma Kwanzaa Blow Out Celebration 2010, so these notes will be short and to the point, focusing on brief previews of this week’s match-ups.  At the end of the year, I’m hoping to do a season wrap up notes no matter who wins, so stay tuned for that. (And as we all know Commish is incredibly consistent at delivering on his end of season Commish Note promises – you can take ‘em to the bank basically.)

New odds for the Crown of Tin Foil:

-Los Pescaderos 3:2

-Rat Pack 3:1

-LT’s Crackheeds 3:1

-Crazy Cancucks 4:1

Games Preview:

LT’s Crackheeds, (7-6, 4th seed) vs. Crazy Canucks, (9-4, 1st seed)

Recent History:

Week 2: Canucks defeat Crackheeds  114.85 to 101.55

-Rodgers outduels Brees 30 points to 25

-Canuck WRs (Moss/Jackson/Cribbs) outduel Crackheed WRs (Jennings/Colston/Smith) 44 to 15

-Peterson/McFadden outduel Thomas/Bradshaw 43 to 19

-Battle of Zach Miller vs. Heath Miller is a dud, 4.7 to 1.2

-Baltimore’s defense against Cincy scores just 2 points for the Heeds, starting a season long trend of the Heeds being in some way schooled by Carson Palmer

Week 11: Crackheeds defeat Canucks 147.60 to 95.94

-Rodgers goes for 42 points, with 3 TD passes to Greg Jennings (34 points)

-Brees drops 37 of his own

-Randy Moss throws up a goose egg against the Redskins

-Colston puts up 26 points

-Tomlinson puts up 11 points, Bradshaw just 0.08 points for the Canucks

-Peterson and McFadden limited to just 11 points between them, Mercedes Lewis scores 12.90

Long Term History:

Regular Season: Crackheeds 10 wins, Canucks 7 wins

Post-Season History:  Canucks defeat Crackheeds in Title Game, 1999, to win the inaugural Crown of Tin Foil;  Crackheeds defeat Canucks in semi-final in 2005 (The Chris Cooley game), go on to win the 2005 Crown;

Thoughts/Prediction:  The Canucks enter this game the number one seed, but their recent record is not all that good.  They were once 8-1 before dropping 3 or their last 4 games.  They haven’t scored over 100 points since week 9 and did it just once in their past six games.  Now they come in with injury issues everywhere.  Harvin is a mess, DeSean Jackson has a foot injury, Pierre Thomas is a disaster, and of course Aaron Rodgers, who has been the lone bright spot for this team in recent weeks is not going to play.  That leaves the Canucks scrambling to fill positions, never a good sign when it’s happening at so many different spots.  With nothing to lose, the Canucks can simply go for it with reckless abandon, and they can play pure match-ups, which in all honesty seem to win more and more fantasy games these days, especially late in the season.   The Crackheeds, despite a recent hot streak (winners of 4 straight including last week, and 6 of their last 7), are also full of question marks this week, namely injuries to some receivers, tough match ups (Brees/Colston in Baltimore against the Ravens) and a likely lack of effectiveness from stalwarts such as Greg Jennings and Adrian Peterson who suffer from being in less than ideal team situations at present.  One thing the Heeds have been is consistent this season (never scored less than 86 points all year), and Commish suspects that this week that will be enough, unless Canucks can overcome a lot of obstacles and really pull something out of their asses come Sunday.

Prediction:  Heeds win

Los Pescaderos (8-5, 2nd seed) vs. The Rat Pack (6-7, 6th seed)

Recent History:

Week 1: Los Pescaderos win 133.36 to 67.85

-Schaub puts up just 6.77 points, but outduels the quickly injured Kevin Kolb (just 0.86 points), which would ultimately be a good thing for the Pack

-Wes Welker and Ochocinco blow up for 45 points for Los Pescaderos

-The Pack put just two players over 10 points, Miles Austin (23.73) and Larry Fitzgerald (10.37)

-Arian Foster busts onto the 2010 scene with a 41.22 point performance

-Pittsburgh defense begins their domination with a 9 point outing, besting Eryn’s Negative 3 points from Cincinnati (who wouldn’t stay on the roster long)

Week  11:  Los Pescaderos win 159.88 to 96.93

-Ryan Fitzpatrick drops 34.80 points for the Pescaderos (against Cincy)

-Michael Vick is held to 19 points against the NYG defense (whom he plays again this week, in NY)

-Los Pescas are basically unstoppable, with all but 2 players getting double digit points.  Weak links include Frank Gore (6.88 points), and Chris Cooley (9.57).  Bironas and Pittsburgh defense go off for a combined 34 points.

-Not a horrible game for the Rat Pack, with the exception of Vernon Davis (0.70) points.

Long Term History:

Regular Season: Los Pescaderos 11 wins, Rat Pack 5 wins

Post-Season:  Los Pescaderos defeat Rat Pack in 2001 Sem-Final;  Rat Pack defeat Los Pescaderos in 2008 Title Game


Last season the Rat Pack were in the Pescadero’s position, waiting for the semi-finals with a division title and a points title all locked up.  Then an uppity 4-seeded Birdmen came in and knocked them out of the dance.  Will Los Pescaderos similarly suffer a letdown this week?  The key once again for the Rat Pack is Michael Vick.  Commish can rest assured that Gabe will be with him in full support of the NYG defense this week.  Last time Vick played the G-Men, he put up 19 points in Philly.  This week’s game is in New York, and it seems it could go either way. Both of these teams enter this week’s game red hot, and Commish suspect this game is likely to be close.  In the end, Commish must support the efforts of the destruction of Michael Vick this week, and with nothing better to go on will go ahead and predict victory for Gabe and his high scoring squad, who have more than any other team clearly earned the right to play for the Title.

Prediction: Los Pescaderos



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