Commish Notes Week 1 and 2

 The Notes are back!


Time to play a little catch-up, MLOM style.  What follows are a sort of new format Commish notes to get things started again.  Don’t know how long I’ll stick with it, but I kind of like the cutting and pasting of games idea – it’s good for the archives.  (Because of technical issues with wordpress, I had to do the games as a separate post – see the post below this one for that portion.)  Look for more analysis per game in the following weeks, and next week I’ll start weekly power rankings for fun and of course bulletin board material.  The Inter-Division war section stays.  The weekly awards are cut – for now.  There’s a new feature called All Pro’s vs. All Schmoe’s which should be fun as the weeks go by, and then a “General Thoughts” section too.  Again, the following weeks should see things fleshed out a little more.  This week was just time to play a little catch up, and get some brief thoughts down.
And so without further ado, enjoy!



Inter-Division War


“War is Coming”    –  Erik Lehnsherr aka “Magneto”





Magneto’s War for Mutant Supremacy is just beginning.  The Birdmen, courtesy of a wicked surprise attack* utilizing his mutant flying ability and talons, dealt the first blow to the unsuspecting GBP in week 1 to give the Brotherhood of Mutants a quick 1-0 edge.  But Fwats, using his mutant healing factor and mutant-powered dossier, quickly evened the score by leveling the Crackheeds with a vicious counter-attack in Week 2.  The tally now stands at 1-1 for the season as we slowly edge toward our first massive inter-division battle in week 4.  This week, the winner of the Roston showdown will determine who goes into that week with the 1-game edge.  

*Quick Tangent.  Commish envisions the Brotherhood of Mutants, led by Magneto, carefully laying a devious trap to ensnare the entire X-Men team in Week 1 when all of a sudden the Birdman simply shoots off (“BllL-RRRRR-LLLLP!  I’m going now!”), launches a solo attack without back-up, and though doing some damage,  unfortunately ruins the greater surprise as everyone else stands around and goes, “Where the hell did Birdman go?”   Shooting off again.  Magneto’s brow furrows…




The Birdmen open the festivities with a “Shoot off” Attack!




But Fwat’s counters in week 2, and shows off his sweet taint in the process!  He’s a pixie!






All Pro’s and All Schmoe’s


New feature this season.  Commish will put together the best and worst rosters of the week – from the players who actually suited up and played in fantasy games.  No bench players, good or bad, just the starters.  Here’s the tally from the first two weeks with some brief analysis. 




All Pro’s – Week 1

QB –  Drew Brees, (LT’s Crackheeds) – 52.39 points

RB 1 – Adrian Peterson, (LT’s Crackheeds) – 37.70 pints

RB2 – Darren Sproles, (The Brown Shank) – 20.48 points

WR1 – Reggie Wayne, (GBP) – 24.8 points

WR2 – Santonio Holmes, (Rat Pack) – 22.23 points

WR3 – Greg Jennings, (Birdmen) – 21.07 points

TE – John Carlson (Los Pescaderos) – 21.33

K – Lawrence Tynes (Rat Pack) 12.00 points

DEF – Philadelphia (Cobra Kai) 42.00 points


All Pro Week 1 Total: 254.00 points







All Schmoes – Week 1

QB – Matt Schaub, (Rat Pack)  – 4.03 points

RB1 – Steve Slaton (The Brown Shank) – 2.25 points

RB2 – Matt Forte (Crazy Canucks) – 4.58 points

WR1 – Anthony Gonzalez (The Gang) – 0.00 points

WR2 – Braylon Edwards (Crazy Canucks) – 1.30 points

WR3 – Antonio Bryant (GBP) – 2.93 points

TE – Greg Olsen (Crackheeds) – 1.03 points

K – Kris Brown (Cobra Kai) – 1.0 points

DEF – Baltimore (GBP) – 2.0 points


All Schmoe Week 1 Total Points – 19.12 points









All Pro’s – Week 2

QB – Matt Schaub (Rat Pack) – 42.40 points

RB1 – Chris Johnson (Mormon Defenders) – 47.22 points

RB2 – Frank Gore (Los Pescaderos) – 37.35 points

WR1 – Andre Johnson (Cobra Kai) – 29.93 points

WR2 – Marques Colston (Crackheeds) – 22.53 points

WR3 – Vincent Jackson (Brown Shank) – 21.40 points

TE – Dallas Clark (Crazy Canucks) – 24.70 points

K – Nate Kaeding (Mormon Defenders) – 14 points

DEF – (tie) NYG/Minn (Rat Pack/Los Pescas) – 15.0 points


All Pro’s Week 2 Total Points -254.53 points





All Schmoe’s – Week 2

QB – Tom Brady (Brown Shank) – 4.68 points

RB1 – Brandon Jacobs (The Gang) – 4.83 points

RB2 – Ahmad Bradshaw (Los Pescaderos) – 5.26 points

WR1 – Greg Jennings (Birdmen) – 0.00 points

WR2 – Santana Moss (Mormon Defenders) – 0.83 points

WR3 – Roy Williams (LT’s Crackheeds) – 1.70 points

TE – Zach Miller (Brown Shank) – 0.00 points

K – Robbie Gould (GBP) – 6.0 points

DEF – Tennessee (Crackheed) – NEGATIVE 3.0 points


All Schmoe Week 2 Total Points: 20.3 points




-Commish was so floored by how close the total score tallies were for both week 1 and week 2 (both Joes AND Schmoes), he added up each score at least 3 times.  Wow.

-Kudos to Matt Schaub, who goes from All Schmoe to All Pro in just week!

-On the flip side, jeers to Greg Jennings, who does the same thing – in reverse. 

-Week 2 was a bad week to start a NYG running back…

-Roy Williams is officially the new Lee Evans.  The only difference is that Lee Evans was actually good. 



Other Commish Thoughts on Weeks 1 and 2

-The first two non-holdover running backs off the board at this year’s draft were Brandon Jacobs and Steve Slaton.  Through 2 weeks, they’ve totaled 18 points.  Combined. 

-Drew Brees has 84 points in 2 weeks.  The next best QB ?  Peyton Manning with 47. 

-Brees and “All Day” have combined for 136.58 points in 2 weeks, accounting for 54% of all the Crackheed points just by themselves. 

-Running Backs 1 through 3 after 2 weeks, in terms of total scoring, go like this:

1)Frank Gore – 54.55 points

2)Chris Johnson – 53.70 points

3)Adrian Peterson (the one on the Vikings) – 51.97 points

-Running backs 4 thru 6 after 2 weeks? 

4) Darren Sproles – 48.34 points

5)Willis McGahee – 39.98 points

6)Fred Jackson – 37.39 points

-Those first 3 backs were all holdovers

-Those second 3 backs were picked in rounds 9 (Sproles), 12 (Jackson), and undrafted (McGahee)

-The top scoring WR so far in 2009?  It’s “Super” Mario Manningham, with 35.37 points.  Only a Giants fan could have seen that coming. 

-After 2 weeks of play, the Canucks have just 4 total touchdowns.  Yet they are 2-0. 

-With 2 losses to open the season, The Gang are now 3-12 in their last 15 games. 

-With a loss this week, the Crackheeds break their consecutive regular season win streak of 9 games. 

-Week 2’s match-up between the Rat Pack and Los Pescaderos was a rematch of last year’s championship game.  It was a much better game despite much lower stakes – but the same result. 

-After just 2 weeks there are only TWO undefeated teams.  And one of them is the Canucks, the second lowest scoring team in the league. 

-Going back to last season and including the post-season, the Rat Pack now have a 7-game winning streak

-Going back to last season (and no need to count the post-season here), the Brown Shank have now lost 6 straight games, and 8 of their last 9. 



Power Rankings Next Week!



As a reminder, here’s how things stood just after the draft:


1)The Brown Shank

2)Cobra Kai

3)Los Pescaderos

4)The Mormon Defenders

5)LT’s Crackheeds

6)The Rat Pack

7)The Fightin’ Birdmen

8)The GBP

9)Crazy Canucks

10)The Gang



Next week, we’ll redo the board.


Good luck to all teams next week!


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