Commish Notes Week 11

Week 11 is in the books and we have another short week on our hands – hell week 12 has already started at the time of publishing of these notes.   Commish will be trying to squish these notes into a shortened time frame, so they will be short and to the point.

First and most important, let’s take an updated look at the playoff picture.  Congrats to Los Pescaderos for being the third official playoff team.  Three spots down, three to go.  Let’s take a look at the updated power rankings with kung-fun grip-like playoff emphasis!


1)LT’s Crackheed’s (8-3, 3rd points);  Riding a nutty 6-game win streak after worst performance in franchise history way back in Week 5.  Poised to make a serious run at – gasp – fourth Crown.  Need only one win to lock down the Joe Division.

2)GBP (8-3, 4th in points):  Jonny “G” as in Gettin-it-done despite age, injuries.  Only had more than 7 wins in a season once – back in 2002 had 9.  Has never won the division.  Just keeps finding a way to win.  That’s how you get a Crown.

3)Los Pescaderos (7-4, 5th in points);  Locked up a spot in the dance;  Hoping McNabb can take them to next level. Cobra Pride game this week against the Defenders.

On the Bubble:

4)Fightin’ Birdmen (6-5, 6th in points);  One more win and they’re in.  Tough loss to Gang last week.  Now they have to face Heeds and then an angry Fwats!  Could they possibly drop three in a row and not get in?  Unlikely.

5)Canucks (6-5, 7th in points); Also one win away;  Scrappy defending champs aren’t going down without a fight.  Play the feisty Gang this week, which no longer seems like quite the cakewalk.  Anyone remember the week 3 stinker between these two that the Gang won?

6)Rat Pack (5-6, 2nd in points);  Walking around in a Charlie Brown-like funk for weeks.  What the hell is wrong with this team?  Despite all that’s happened, one win and they’re still likely in.  Two wins and they’re a sure thing.  Can then nab a victory this week against arch-enemy Fwats?

7)Cobra Kai (4-7, 1st in points);  For Fwat the playoffs have already started;  Every game starting now is win or go home.  No mercy.

Not out Mathematically

8)Mormon Defenders (4-7, 8th in points);  Playoffs highly unlikely.  At least they dropped Tom Brady as a holdover for wicked-awesome Chancey Stuckey.  Ugh.  Well, time to focus on winning one for the Joes this week.

9)The Poo Fish (4-7, 9th in points);  Mild vindication regarding Lee Evans this week.  Commish wonders how much time this season was spent openly despising Evans – rather than coaching his team.

Trap Team

10)The Gang (3-8, 10th in points);  Beware the spoiler…

Inter-Division Watch

With the Canucks eeking out a win over the Rat Pack the Joes keep their hopes of an inter-division crown alive.  The current tally stands at 14-13 in favor of Cobra.  This week’s interdivisional game is the Mormon Defenders versus Los Pescaderos.  If Los Pescas win then Cobra will lock up the inter-division crown for 2008.  If the Defenders win, it’s on to the do-or-die Week 13 match up between the Birdmen and Cobra Kai.  Go Joe!

This Week’s Games

LT’s Crackheeds 114.32 over Mormon Defenders 83.64

Player of the Game: Lance Moore – 19.80 points

The Crackheeds continue to roll with their sixth straight victory since the Week Five 48 point debacle, and avenge an early-season loss to the Defenders in the process.  This is the third straight 100+ point effort and their sixth straight with 94 or more.   The Defenders drop their second straight and three out of their last four.  Their playoff hopes at this point are relegated to very unfavorable math at best.  Game highlights include the Giants random benching of Carney for Tynes at the last minute and this was the first game for Brandon Jacobs in a Crackheeds uniform.  Heeds maintain the number one seed and need just one win to clinch the division title, their first in three years.  Defenders have had more points scored against them than any other team this year.

Fun Fact: With this win the Heeds move to 6-8 all-time against the Defenders and split the season series. No team has defeated the Crackheeds more than the Mormon Defenders.

The Gang 117.56 over Fightin’ Birdmen 104.33

Player of the Game: Joseph Addai 28.95 points

Props to the uppity Gang for hanging tough despite having nothing to play for.  Hey, we play these games to win right, no matter the status.  With this win, the Gang snap a 7-game losing streak, worst in franchise history.  (Worst ever losing streaks?  The 2004 Cobra Kai and 2005 Brown Trout both dropped 8 straight.)  This 117 point outing was the Gang’s top effort of the season and only their second game topping 100 points in 2008.  For the Birdmen, a tough loss.  A win would have put them offiicially in the playoffs.  This loss ends a 3-game win streak.  Still, they’ve put up 4 straight games with 100+ points and seem to be rounding into what appears to be some sort of playoff form.  Game highlights included the courageous performance of Tyler Thigpen, the resurrection of Joseph Addai, and of course the goose egg from Commish favorite Lee Evans.

Fun Fact: WIth this win the Gang move to 7-4 against the Birdmen.  They split the season series.

The GBP 107.96 over Cobra Kai 89.15

Player of the Game: Anquan Boldin – 22.15 points

A tough loss for the Cobra Kai, who are now officially in a win or go home position.  For the GBP, another day at the office it seems.  They grab their second straight win, they’re fifth out of the last six, and they keep some distance over Los Pescaderos for control of the vaunted Cobra division.  For the Cobra Kai, they put up their second worst performance of the season (but at 89 points – that ain’t bad), and for just the third time all year they score under 100 points. Unfortunately they’ve done that two of the last three weeks, when it’s mattered most.  The record book states that the Mormon Defenders have had the toughest strength of schedule, but Commish is sure that the Cobra Kai are easily number two and very close to the top spot.  Game highlights included very little.

Fun Fact:  WIth this win the GBP sweep the season series against Fwats and are now 9-5 against him all time.  No one has more wins against Fwats than the the GBP.

Los Pescaderos 131.45 over The Poo Fish 73.17

Player of the Game: TJ Housh 26.01 points

Los Pescaderos notch an impressive win in their belt and drop a blow-up and a beat-down on Little Brother in the process.  WIth this win they break a 2-game losing streak and lock down a playoff spot.  Their 131 point performance was top for the franchise this season, but only their third 100+ point performance this year.  No one has played a softer schedule this year (average score of other team: 88.7 points) and Commish thinks that might be a problem come playoff time.  For Little Buhr another anemic game in what’s turning out to be a nightmare season along the lines of  the 3-10 2005 campaign.  Tony Romo’s reappearance didn’t generate quite the spark that Little Buhr was hoping for.  Can Reggie Bush’s return this week make things any better?  Oddest is the fact that the Poo Fish are still mathematically alive for the playoff hunt, though it would take a lot of help and some terribly unlikely math.  With this loss the Poo Fish drop four of their last five, and haven’t scored above 81 points during that stretch, very poo-like indeed. Game highlights included Romo’s mediocre return to action and McNabb’s mediocre first outing in a Pesca uniform.  Also impressive was Matt Cassel’s 44 points – on the bench.  What might be more impressive is that even if he had played, Little Buhr still would have lost.

Fun Fact: With this win Los Pescaderos sweep the season series and move to 5-6 all-time against Brother, sweet, Brother.

Crazy Canucks 95.72 over the Rat Pack 95.22

Player of the Game: Kurt Warner – 20.86 points

Despite a valiant Monday night comeback effort, the Rat Pack fall short, again this week.  With this loss they’ve dropped four straight and five of their last six.  Wow.  This loss, by a mere 0.5 points, is the second sub-one-point loss by the Rat Pack this season, and by itself this game qualifies for the ninth closest game ever in MLOM.  Remember of course, that the Rat Pack were losers in week 1 by a mere 0.11 points, the second closest game of all time in MLOM.  Woe indeed, is the Rat Pack.  The Canucks on the flip-side, get a huge win and vault very close to a playoff berth.  They need just one more win to lock up a spot, but could still get in with some help even if they lose two straight.  The Canucks notch their third straight win, and their fourth in five, and are looking sharp just at the right time.  Game highlights of this one included many things.  Sticking out in commish’s mind is the disatrous performance of “Law Firm”, Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis.

Fun Fact: WIth this win the Canucks move to 5-4 all-time against the Rat Pack.

Weekly Awards

Player of the Week

Joseph Addai – 28.95 points

Finally acting like first round talent.

Jon Fogerty-sponsored Ronnie Brown Memorial Award

Matt Cassel – 44.25 points

“Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play…”

Game of the Week

Canucks over Rat Pack

Huge win for Canucks and huge loss for Rat Pack.  Ninth closest game in league history.

Team of the Week

Los Pescaderos

Kaboom – we have a blow up.  Los Pescas lock up playoff spot in style with blow-up, beat-down win over brother, sweet, brother.

Coach of the Week

Iwan Thomas

Thomas coaxed just enough out of his team to come up with this huge win for himself, the Joes, and even Canada.   The difference between 6-5 and 5-6 off of this win is huge.  E-ron could have won the game with a more optimal line-up, whereas Iwan had his best 9 on the field.  Strong work Canuck.

Goat of the Week

Well, it’s tough.  Commish knows there are certain factions within MLOM who want to see a certain Lee E. – no wait too obvious – L. Evans here in this spot.  But it ain’t happening.  He made a strong case no doubt, but Commish has to roll with “Law Firm”, better known as Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis who managed only a dismal 9 rushing yards on the week.  It would only have taken another 10 measely yards from this cat for the Rat Pack to be victorious.  Law Firm, come get your horns….

Hononorable Mention: Chicago Defense, Tony Scheffler, John Carney (dude got pulled last minute), Antonio Gates, and yes, finally, Lee Evans.


Good luck to all teams this week!



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