Commish Notes Week 7

MLOM is officially past the half-way point of the 2008 regular season.

Commish has this to say.  He’s tired, overworked, stressed, and Commish notes have been taking up too much time week to week.  So these notes are going to be quicker, and quite likely, lamer, than in the past.  Little analysis.  Minimal research.  No fun facts (save one).  Not even any sentence structure.  No spell check.  No editing.  Hell, I’m too lazy to put up that goat picture this week.  There, now I’ve even stopped talking in the third person.  Oh well. It’s a long season.  Deal with it.  I need to get these things done in about an hour and go back to drinking myself to sleep because my job is currently killing me.

A couple of Quick Notes:

-Joe gets the lone win over Cobra this week, moving the inter-divisional record to 5-10.  Go Joe!

-We have another trade now, Farve and Roddy White to Fwats and Matt Forte (Fortier trading Forte?  that’s fucked up.);  We’ll watch this one in the coming weeks.

-Speaking of trades, the winds might have finally shifted in the infamous Bush/Chambers for Taylor/Holmes trade, especially now with Bush hurt, Chambers hurt, and Santonio Holmes looking like he might just have a slight pulse.

_That’s it.

This Week’s Games:

LT’s Crackheeds 99.96 over the Poo Fish 78.29

Player of the Game:  All Day – 26.18

Commish has talked before about how the 2008 Heeds and the 2008 Fish are intertwined.  Here, in their lone meeting, after the much ballyhooed trade of Bush/Chambers for Taylor/Holmes, neither one seems to be much of a factor.  In the end, Commish supposes that Holmes gets the last laugh at least this week, putting up 9.27 points over Reggie Bush’s 6.06.  No one is laughing, however, at the fact that Bush is now man-down with a busted meniscus.

Somehow through the past few weeks the Heeds have managed to weather the this-team-sucks storm and come out in front of the lowly Joes division.  Can they hold that place for long?  Seems to be anyone’s game.  Why couldn’t the Heeds pull out in front of that division?  With rivals like those in the Joe Division these days, anyone stands a chance.  Plush Commish is proud (and surprised) that the Heeds could pull of a decent game, much less a win without a fully armed and operational Drew Brees.  This truly is a crazy fantasy season.

Commish worries about the future of the Poo Fish, who now face losing Romo until mid-November and Bush for four or more weeks.   Sadly, Commish doesn’t see the Fish pulling out of this tail spin anytime soon, especially in the power-packed Cobra division.

Other highlights of this game include the complete lack of production from the Saints.  Brees at 5.85 points.  Colston lays an egg.  And Bush again goes man down.

Fun Fact:  These two teams once played the highest scoring game in MLOM, despite the error on the MLOM website saying it was the Canucks and The Brown Trout (an error I’ll fix in the offseason).  Total points of that game, 333.56 points.

Crazy Canucks 87.20 over the Fightin’ Birdmen 66.83

Player of the Game: Sammy Morris – 20.50 points

Well the battle for Del Mar Hills Elementary is settled – at least until these two meet again.  For some reason Commish has a vision of this battle, with a crazed Yetti staggering around the forest, smashing trees and deflecting assaults from an impossibly quick and divebombing Birdman.  Than that Yetti lands one critical blow… and that’s what happened this week.

Canucks say goodbye to Favre with a trade, but not before a 2.25 point performance goodbye kiss.  And Roddy White, possibly the most underappreciated fantasy player in MLOM history, riding the Canuck pine the whole season despite throwing up mad points.  Was Iwan rattled with the mocking of Roddy White on draft day?  Who knows.  Also, looks like Shockey got healthy just in time to make some catches and fumbles. On the upside, the Patriots looked alive this week, which more or less sparked the Canucks to a solid win despite looking they were headed for all-time Stink Bomb City.

For the Birdmen a good old fashioned Stink Bomb.  Possibly this is karmic justice for Larry Johnson spitting a drink in some chick’s face.  Hey, at least they’ve got Lee Evans.  He’ll get you some points.   I wonder if Birdman regrets the Peyton Manning pick.  Or is he just biding his time…

The Rat Pack 132.24 over Cobra Kai

Player of the Game: Steven Jackson 36.40 points

Another week, another 100 point loss for Fwats.  The Rat Pack go right back to where they started, mauling peeps and taking names.  Imagine if Jay Cutler had a typical week. Cobra Kai lose again despite being the second highest scoring team this week (and not mention in the league.)

Commish isn’t sure where Roddy White will fit in the Fwats line up.  Who gets benched?  TO? Marshall?  Andre Johnson?  Commish isn’t so sure about this one.  ANd if Fwats didn’t like having the high-TD, high-turnover Culpepper on his team, will he like having Favre any better?

GBP 86.38 over Los Pescaderos 81.88

Player of the Game:  Clinton Portis 21.62

Megatron tried to make it a game, but the Penn connection was back for Jonny G with Ben and Ward hooking up big.  Barber barely gets to 100 yards.  Derek Anderson is not the answer for Gabe and San Diego defense is a let down.  That’s all I got.  Also, this is a huge win for the Pack as they take division control away from Cobra Commander!

Mormon Defenders 110.72 over the Gang 100.07

Player of the Game: Chris “Light Blue Jesus” Johnson – 24.27 points.

Norm snakes two in a row, now he’s looking like the first half of 2007’s defenders.  The Gang lose again, but do manage to break 100.  Jealous Gabe?

OK, quick awards with no analysis.  Commish is really hating himself this week but you he just wants these notes out of the way.

Player of the week:

Steven jackson 36.40 points

Game of the Week:

GBP over Pescas

Team of the Week:

The Rat Pack (yes, they’re back in this spot again)

Coach of the Week:

Jonny G – Taking control of the intimidating Cobra Division

Ronne Brown of the week:

Lendale White – 34 points, 3 TDs

Goat of the Week:

Cotchery – I just like his stat line:  1 reception.  That’s it. 0.5 points;  Jericho (if that is your real name), come get your horns.

And there it is.  Quick and simple.

Good luck to all teams next week.



3 responses to “Commish Notes Week 7

  • Baditude

    Short to the point and oh so sweet. Don’t beat yourself up buddy! Good notes! Thanks for bringin it out this week. It’s definitely a highlight!

    I nominate Iwan as guest notes for next week.

  • Gabe

    Mick it sounds liek you need a break – good Commish notes even in there brevity. I too am worried about the Pescas.

    Good to hear Iwan will takeover C-notes for the week, maybe after ward you guys can cuddle to help get you on the mend.

  • Fwats

    Yeah Commish, nice work as always — even if your trade analysis wasn’t exactly glowing in the Cobra Kai direction. You’ll see what plans I have for Roddy White, and what plans I DON’T have for one underachieving Cobra receiver whose name rhymes with BO. No mercy applies, in some cases even more so, to Cobra Kai players themselves.

    The Farve move is an insurance plan – not the most glamorous choice but he doesn’t have “small hands.” Certainly a better backup option than the inflamed Palmer and the turnover machine O Sullivan – (the real Shitpepper on my roster).

    It’s tough to part with any player named Forte, but we’re not in the business of quirky name coincidences – we’re in the business of winning championships (or just putting up losing 100 pt. games each week).

    In any case, we’ll get to see how these players stack up in head to head combat in Week 9

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