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So now that the shock of all this new MLOM stuff is starting to wear off, I thought I’d discuss the history and some things about the site(s) a little bit.  Some of it can be gleaned from the earlier posts below, but here’s a little more.

The idea hatched back after the Super Bowl – I was still so high on football (wonder why) and thought I’d just make it happen.  We’d actually discussed the thought of a website a few years ago I recall, but nothing came of it.  I wondered if we should switch MLOM to a non-yahoo site, something with better archiving and dynasty league functionality, but I thought to hell with it.  The Yahoo archiving, while not great, is still good and last year when it came out it just sealed the deal.  Actually, I more or less couldn’t have made the website without it.  More on the other site in a second.

I really wanted to have this blog simply be a part of the site, kind of like a forum really, but I had neither the technical know-how to do it nor the patience/ time to learn and make it happen.  Hence the two different sites.  I like the idea of doing commish notes over here – where they are more or less permanent for years.  Also, the addition of pictures, italics, and things like that sparks my interest.  Goat of the week with a picture of an actual goat?  Commish likes.  Also, I would like this place to have multiple people posting if needed – so if you want to be an author, no problem, simply make a wordpress account and let me know the info.  Then you’ll be posting here as well with “I hate my team”,  “I hate Norm’s team and Tom Brady”, or whatever.

I’m sure things will be a little schizophrenic at first as I try to decide what to post on the yahoo site, what to post here, etc.  Will there be double posts?  I don’t know.  Yet.  It’ll sort itself out.

Onto the real prize – the archive site.  Here’s some quick bullets about that.

-You know me, always looking up stats for records and numbers.  Well I decided to do it once and for all.  I combed through tons and TONS of scores and games and stats to compile what, relatively little, you see on that site.  Sometimes it was fun.  Sometimes (often) it was tedious.  Regardless, I’m pleased with the end result.  One of the funnest things was hoping against hope that my Heeds wouldn’t be at the bottom of the Stink Bomb game list or hoping they’d be at the top of the Best Game ever list.  That was fun, seeing who ended up where.  Let the trash talk begin.  (Gabe, worst single-game output EVER?  That hurts.)  And so forth.

-That damn 2003 season.  For whatever reason, 2003 did not archive like the other seasons.  The only things visible from 2003 are the overall records, overall point totals, and the playoff brackets.  For every individual game, it simply says “Bye” for all teams for all weeks.  That means no head-to-head records from that year.  No individual games reviewable.  I have no idea why 2003 is affected this way while 2001 and 2002, prior seasons, are just fine.  But it kind of drove me nuts.  I mean I understand 1999 and 2000 not being available, simply for age-related reasons alone.  But 2003?  It makes no sense.   Who does it hurt in the overall records/stats category?  Papa Roston – that’s who.  The guy went 11-2 that year, probably laying the wood to a ton of people in the process.  Or Fwats, who went 10-3.   Who does it help?  Well, Norm I guess, who ended 2003 at 4-9.  Either way, 2003 just bothered my sense of completeness.

-On a similar statistical note, almost everything you see on the site is “Regular Season Only” unless playoffs are specifically mentioned.  The individual playoff game scores are not archived, all we know in the end is who won and who lost, and of course that’s most important in the playoffs anyway.  Similarly, consolation playoff games are more or less thrown out of any and all records, since they are total garbage in my opinion anyway.  So they aren’t represented at all, anywhere, and never will be.  They don’t matter.  Which means that when you look at the “placing” of each season on the Yahoo site itself, it’s bogus, because it actually counts that 3 vs. 4 game and puts the winner in third place.  From the Commish perspective, there is one winner – the CHAMP, and that’s it.  The Title Game Runner-Up is First Loser as far as I’m concerned and so on down the line.  I’d rather fall back on the seeds after the Champ and “First Loser”, just like the draft and the real NFL.  So if you’ve been considering those consolation games as anything other than something to bolster your “Yahoo Fantasy Profile” ranking, you’re wrong.  They’re junk.

-In the “Franchise Highlights” section, there are several things which make the cut.  Obviously Crown Winners, but here are the rest:  Division Titles;  Number 1 Seed;  Regular Season Scoring Title;  Title Game Appearance; 9-Win Seasons, 10-Win Seasons, and 11-Win Seasons, and then really special achievements, like’s Norm’s holding of the all-time single game scoring record.  So now you know.  I like these a lot for some reason – it’s like a video game trophy room or something.

-As most of you gathered if you’ve looked at your team profiles, Eryn knew about the site’s existence before the rest.  But he was the only one.  I told him about it back in March (or earlier?) and told him I wanted sketches of various things, which you can see on your team pages.  The sketches are really just ideas and starter sketches for the most part.  Like the site itself, which is in its infancy and bound to grow.  We just wanted to get some stuff up before the start of this season.  So I’m sure you’ll see those images detailed and colored, etc, over time.  Correct me if I’m wrong E.

-If for some reason the font looks odd on the site, it’s because I used a font called “Welltron Urban” which I thought just looked cool, even after multiple warnings that the font wasn’t supported on all computers, or something.  So if anything looks weird, or there are capital letters where there shouldn’t be (like on the link bars), etc.  that’s the problem.  Hopefully you can see the font.  Because again, it’s cool.

OK, that’s enough for now.  Soak it in, and enjoy.  Most importantly, MLOM is back!  Is it only 4 weeks until football season?



2 responses to “This and That

  • Gabe

    Who does the ommission of the 2000 season hurt in a number of different categories…..ME. I can only try an remember how many points Faulk must have scored for Los Pescas during some of his mind boggling, touchdown hogging performances.

    The lowest point total ever does sting…a lot. But the amazing MLOM production the commish has put together definitely lessens the pain.


  • Fwats

    Ah, now it’s all so clear to me. I approve of this work. Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I also loathe losing out on the 2003 data — but even worse, the Jigawatts blockbuster rookie campaign (12-1), has gone unrecorded. I wonder who would have the all time record had all the seasons gone recorded? Tough to say, as I went 9-4 in 2000. Not sure where PPR was then…

    Anyhow- this is a goldmine. Thanks a TON for doing this, Mick. I’ve got my RSS pumping this shit directly into my vein!

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