Mick’s League O’ Micks – The Blog!

Have I crossed a line?  I actually created a blog for a fantasy football league.  That said, the league of which I speak is none other than Mick’s League O’ Micks (!), meaning more or less that no line has been crossed.  Rather, the way I see it – a barrier has been smashed.  And it’s about time.

This blog is to serve as part of a larger project, an entire Web Site dedicated to my beloved MLOM.  It’s a project I conceived of near the end of the 2007 season, when I realized that my once renowned Commish Notes has fallen off nearly completely.  Part of the problem was me spreading myself too thin over four separate fantasy leagues, commish-ing two of them, and participating in many other time intensive football-related activities throughout the season .  Part of the problem was the Yahoo site itself – it only keeps up with the latest 50 posts or so from the season, and in a hotbox shit-talking league like MLOM, you simply need more room and more archives.  I wanted a place where not just commish notes, but manager comments, and even general shit talk could be kept in place – forever.  So here we are.

I began the web site project about a month ago, beginning my compiling stats from the Yahoo Archive Pages of MLOM.  I also contracted E-ron to do some art for the website, which I’ll talk about later.  E-ron, manager of the Rat Pack, is the only other league member to know about the site thus far.  He has been sworn to secrecy.

At this point the full web site will be hosted on yahoo, and I’ll build it (and have been building it) using the Yahoo SiteBuilder program which is simple but effective enough.  It won’t be the snazziest looking site on the web, but it’ll do.  For now I’ve built simple outlines of pages and have a general plan together.  Once all the data is compiled (probably 80% done by now), I’ll begin loading it onto pages and then begin “stylizing” it using Eron’s images.

Target date for launch of the site is around May or June, around the time the Yahoo Fantasy Football Site opens for registration.  Absolute dead line is draft day.

To get used to “blogging fantasy football”, I’ll keep this site updates as often as I can.



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